Who is Swissport?

Acquired by PAI Partners, Swissport is the world´s largest ground and cargo handling company.

What does Swissport do?

Swissport is the global leader in ground-handling and cargo services, with a strong presence in the Americas, Europe and Africa. The company’s services include baggage loading and unloading, de-icing, fuelling, passenger services and cargo services to a range of airlines. The firm has a workforce of over 60,000 personnel and is active in 48 countries.

The opportunity

Why PAI Partners ("PAI") invested in this business:

  • To complete several acquisitions in Europe and Latin America, in order to create significant scale
  • To expand into new markets
  • To increase the company’s product and services offering.

  • Why we like the investment

    "As a global leader in its field, we were excited by PAI’s vision to expand the business into more regions and undertake a targeted acquisition strategy" – Cameron Graham, abrdn

    Investment Year


    Head office





    3.1 x money invested