Who is IK Investment Partners?

Founded in 1989, IK Investment Partners is a European private equity manager with Nordic roots that operates across Northern Europe.

What does IK Investment Partners ("IK") do?

IK has a team of 30 investment professionals and offices in London, Hamburg, Paris and Stockholm. Focused on key geographies of the Nordic countries, Germany, France and the Netherlands, IK invests up to €150 million of equity in businesses across four sectors, including business services, healthcare, consumer goods and industrial goods.

IK invests in companies with a strong local market presence and management team, where it can double earnings and turn the company into an international leader. Working with management, IK generates value through expanding the business into new geographies, increasing the product range and focusing on cost efficiency.

"Our ambition is to build better businesses, capable of sustainable growth" - IK Investment Partners

Some companies IK has invested in

Why do we back IK?

"abrdn has been a long term backer of IK Partners. We like their consistent investment approach and active value creation through turning local champions into pan-European or global leaders." – Merrick McKay, head of Private Equity - Europe, abrdn


Northern Europe

Core sectors

Business services


Consumer goods

Industrial goods

Target company size

€100 million to €500 million

Investment strategy