Who is CVC Capital Partners?

Founded in 1981, CVC Capital Partners is a leading private equity and advisory firm that operates across Europe, North America and Asia.

What does CVC Capital Partners ("CVC") do?

CVC has offices across the globe and a team of over 420. The private equity business invests in companies valued up to €5 billion and is primarily based in Europe. CVC deploys equity of €300 million to €500 million in companies spread across a range of sectors.

CVC buys businesses in partnership with their management teams and develops plans to create sustainable long-term value. Increased value often comes from business improvements, such as entering new markets, strengthening the management team, cost and waste reduction, and increasing the company's competitiveness.

"Experience, stability and consistent outperformance: these are the hallmarks of CVC" - CVC Capital Partners

Some companies CVC has invested in

Why do we back CVC?

"CVC Capital Partners is one of our top picks due to their deep and talented investment team, and their ability to generate consistently strong returns across a number of their funds" – Cameron Graham, abrdn



Core sectors

Target company size

€500 million to €5 billion

Investment strategy