Who is Altor Equity Partners?

Founded in 2002, Altor Equity Partners is one of the leading European private equity firms, with a focus on the Nordic region.

What does Altor Equity Partners ("Altor") do?

Altor has an investment team of over 45 people, operating from five offices in the Nordic region. The team pursues a strategy of investing equity of up to €150 million in companies valued at up to €500 million.

Altor's particular focus is on companies that offer potential for adding value through revenue growth, margin expansion, improved financial management and business restructuring.

"We are dedicated to building better businesses in the Nordic region" - Altor Equity Partners

Some companies Altor has invested in

Why do we back Altor?

"Altor has an exceptional track record where it has repeatedly generated strong returns whilst minimising losses. The firm is also firmly established as the leading player in its market, and it is for these reasons that they are a favoured manager of SL Capital" – Merrick McKay, abrdn



Core sectors


Target company size

€50 million to €500 million

Investment strategy