PAI Partners

Who is PAI Partners?

Established in 1872 as the principal investment arm of Paribas bank, PAI Partners is one of the oldest and most experienced European private equity firms. What does PAI Partners ("PAI") do? PAI has a team of over 100 professionals spread across eight offices in Europe and North America. It acquires mid-market and lower-mid market companies, primarily in Europe, across its four target sectors via two fund programmes. The flagship funds deploy their sector-focussed strategy in the mid market (typically company valuations over €750 million) while mid-market fund strategy, “MMF”, targets smaller continental European companies (below €500 million enterprise value) operating in the same core sectors. PAI adds value to investee companies by leveraging its geographic footprint, sectoral expertise, and intensive consolidation capabilities to drive growth led transformation, building regional/global leaders that are essential to the markets in which they operate, and which can be sold at a strategic premium. The firm has completed hundreds of add-on acquisitions across its portfolio and internationalises the majority of its businesses. "As one of the oldest and most experienced firms with a longstanding local presence, we get right to the heart of European private equity" - PAI Partners Some companies PAI has invested in Swissport Kwik Fit Yoplait Froneri Why do we back PAI? "In such a competitive market, PAI’s deal sourcing model is highly effective. It is differentiated by its genuine sector expertise and market leadership in certain sub-sectors (e.g. Food & Beverage) combined with its local presence, particularly in continental Europe, which often leads to unlocking attractive partnerships with families and/or corporates. This well-defined investment strategy and solid long term performance makes PAI a top pick for abrdn" – Cameron Graham, Senior Investment Director, abrdn Region Predominantly western Europe Core sectors Food and consumer, Healthcare, Business services, Industrials Target company size Flagship funds: >€750 million; MMF: <€500 million Investment strategy Buyout


Western Europe

Core sectors

Business services, Food and consumer goods, Healthcare, Retail and distribution

Target company size

€300 million to €1.2 billion

Investment strategy